Manage job locations

Learn how to add locations that can be associated to job descriptions

About job locations

Build a customized list of locations in Administration that you can then choose from when you’re creating a job to specify where it’s located. You’ll be able to filter jobs by location. 

Creating job locations

  1. Click the gear icon on the top right of your screen.
  2. Expand Architecture in the Administration menu and click Job Locations.
  3. Turn on the switch on the top right of the page to enable job locations.
  4. Click Add and enter each location on a separate line. Click Add. Point to a location in the table and click the pencil icon to edit or the trash can icon to delete.

If you delete a location that’s been added to published jobs, you’ll be given the option to replace with a new location on all associated jobs.

Creating job locations

Assigning locations to jobs

Now that you’ve set up your list, these locations will be available to select. Locations can’t be assigned in bulk; you’ll need to edit a job description to select its location.

  1. Navigate to Content > Jobs.
  2. Click a job title in the Jobs table.
  3. If published, click Edit to create a draft copy.
  4. Select a location in the drop-down.

Note: A job can be assigned to multiple locations.

Assigning job locations