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How-to video: Perform assessments

Watch a tutorial on performing an assessment, reviewing the PDF report, and creating a plan based on competency gaps


Whether you’re evaluating your performance, taking on a new role, or just curious about an opportunity, assessments are a great way to identify strengths and gaps in your profile. In this video, we’ll show you how to perform a CompetencyCore assessment step-by-step. 

To initiate a self-assessment, navigate to My Assessments under Assessments in the main menu. Click Self-Assess on the top right of your screen. If it’s been made available, you can self-assess against any job in the organization. You’ll see groups you can expand to find the specific job you’re interested in. Select a job, click the gear icon, and select Perform Assessment.

In other cases, an assessment might be assigned to you. You’ll receive an email with a link that opens the assessment. You can also access this link from the Tasks page, or by clicking the bell icon to open your notifications.

This first page is an introduction that describes best practices for completing an assessment. Click Next to see an explanation of the Rating scale being used to evaluate your performance. An assessment rates your performance based on competencies. You’re required to have a certain proficiency level for each competency on your job. Behaviours are what define a proficiency level. For each question, you’ll select how effectively your perform a stated behaviour. There might also be a spot to comment on questions. Your responses (and responses from other participants involved like your manager) provide an in-depth evaluation of your performance and determine whether you’re effective at the required proficiency levels.

Answering questions using this rating scale allows CompetencyCore to determine which competencies you should develop to progress in your career. Once you reach the final page, you’ll see a review of your responses. A warning symbol means you haven’t answered a question. Click the question text to return to that page and fill in your response. Then click the Review Complete button to return to the final page. Once you’re happy with your responses, don’t forget to click Submit. You can’t make any changes to your responses after submitting the assessment.

We’ve just seen an example of an in-depth assessment. However, if you’re presented with whole competencies instead of behavioural questions, this means you’re taking another type of assessment called “snapshot”. This type provides more of an overview rather than an in-depth evaluation, but the basic steps of accessing and performing the assessment are the same.

On the My Assessments page, you might have permission to download a PDF report. Select the sections to include and click Generate. In the PDF that opens, you can see how you and perhaps your manager or other participants have rated your performance. We provide summaries of competency ratings, as well as a detailed look at how each question was rated.

Competencies for Development identify competencies where you fell below target, but you can easily create a goal based on your results from the My Assessments page. CompetencyCore creates challenges based on the competencies that need to be further developed. You can set a due date for each challenge and add learning resources to help you measure your progress.

From identifying gaps in an assessment to taking action to fill those gaps with goals and learning resources, CompetencyCore provides you with the tools for successful professional development.