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How-to video: Manage your team

Watch a tutorial on managing your team in CompetencyCore


Managers need a central place where they can check on the progress of their team and support their development. CompetencyCore makes this easy. In this video, we’ll show you all the options available to managers from the Team page in CompetencyCore.

So here we’re logged in as Joe, a manager. Let’s navigate to Team in the main menu and take a look at his four direct reports. Right away, we can see that Christina’s job match score is quite low. But her profile completion score is also low. Perhaps Christina just hasn’t finished filling out her profile, so we’ll give her a bit more time to finish that before reaching out.

On the other hand, Irene has made progress on completing her profile, but her job match score is only 42%. We can click to see exactly what’s missing and what Irene might need some help with. Let’s create a goal for Irene to help her excel in her current role. All of her gaps are added automatically as challenges to complete, so it’s super quick to get this up and running. Irene will receive an email notifying her that a goal has been created. We can help her build a checklist of activities for each requirement so she knows exactly what steps to take to close the gaps on her profile.

Now, Jason is a bit of a superstar. Not only is he meeting the requirements of his current role, but he’s already taken the initiative to set a goal for his dream job. We can always check on his progress and offer encouragement or advice in the comments. These goals will be a great tool to guide discussion when Joe checks in with Irene or with Jason in their next one-on-one.

For every employee, we can easily access their profile, career path, and goals by clicking their name. And if any validation requests or assessments require our response, they’ll be conveniently listed in the Requests column so we can keep on top of them, allowing our employees to carry on with their development.

In addition to direct reports, managers can also dive deeper. Now we’re logged in as Joe’s manager. We can see our own team, and we can click to view his team as well.

And that’s it! Storing these insights and requests in one place helps managers, not only to ensure their team is meeting expectations, but also to encourage and motivate them so they can succeed in their roles and achieve their goals.