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How-to video: Manage people

Watch a tutorial on monitoring your organization from the People page


HR needs a place where they can check in on the health of the organization. That’s why we created the People page - what we like to think of as HR in control. In this video, we’ll show you how you can use the People page to define and improve the level of engagement for your organization. 

To get started, navigate to Organization in the main menu and select People. You’ll see a table listing all the enabled users on your site along with information about their job descriptions and activities. Use the search bar if there’s a specific employee or job you want to check on.

You can resort this table by any column, so it’s super easy to quickly check and make sure that every employee has a job description. This is important because it allows CompetencyCore to suggest qualifications and challenges relevant to each employee’s role. If they don’t, you can head over to the User Admin page to set this up.

We also get usage stats. It’s great to see the people who are creating goals and using CompetencyCore regularly. High scores here might indicate that an employee is ready to take on added responsibilities or perhaps even a promotion. We can also see whether they have any goals. If not, we can take action to create a goal for them. The employee will receive an email notification, as well as their manager who can help them put together an action plan.

Also of interest is who is not using the software? To identify these employees, let's resort the table by Last Login date. Here we can see that it’s been quite a long time since some of our employees last logged in.

And our filters on the left-hand side of the page can help us drill down even further. For example, our Sales department is looking good with high job match scores and goals. On the other hand, our Admin and Finance department have a few lower job match scores and no goals. Perhaps we can encourage the head of this department to get their team using CompetencyCore. Now you know where to target your efforts so you can work strategically.

You can even filter to see which users have a certain competency on their profile, and at what level. And you can see who has or hasn’t created a career path to give you insight on the career direction of employees. Click an employee’s name to take a closer look at their profile, career path, or goals and get a better idea of where they’re at.

And that’s it! With the People page, any exceptions in your organization will never go unnoticed. And everything displayed on screen can be exported to Excel, so this data is always at your fingertips. It’s HR’s one stop shop for tracking employee usage and development.