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How-to video: Create library content

Watch a tutorial on navigating libraries, customizing competencies, and creating other types of library items


The content used to build your CompetencyCore job descriptions is stored in a central place - in libraries - so making updates is easy. In this video, we’ll show you what these libraries look like and how you can create your own competencies and other types of items. 

To get started, navigate to Libraries under Content in the main menu.

Navigate between different libraries in the drop-down at the top of the page. In the filter, we have groups that organize our competencies. You can create customized groups to organize your content however you’d like. And then in this table the competencies are listed out. Click a competency name to open a full view. Here is the structure:

  • We have a competency description.
  • Followed by proficiency levels (HRSG Competencies have five levels).
  • Each level has a level summary.
  • Along with a list of behavioural indicators (these behaviours are objective and observable examples of what this proficiency level looks like in a real-world environment).

Editing one competency allows you to update all jobs where it’s been added. And now let’s try creating our own.

  • Back on the main Libraries page, click Create and select Competency.
  • Select a group, enter a name, and add a description.
  • Select the Proficiency Levels scale. Then click Create.
  • Now you can start adding level summaries and behavioural indicators.
  • Click to add text and click the check mark to save.
  • The competency is saved automatically as a draft. To make the competency available to add to jobs, click Publish. You can also publish in bulk back on the main Libraries page.

Creating other types of items like Responsibilities or Knowledge is even faster because these are simple statements. You can create in bulk like we’re doing here by pasting in a list of responsibilities to quickly add them to our library. With non-competencies, you’ll also have the option to create items directly on a job description, but you might come back to your libraries to organize your content in groups or to make global updates to your job descriptions.