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How-to video: Create & dispatch assessments

Watch a tutorial on creating in-depth or snapshot assessments and dispatching assessments to participants


Competency-based assessments make it easy to evaluate an employee’s performance. In this video, we’ll show you how to create an assessment and dispatch it to participants. 

Before creating your assessment, you’ll first need to decide on a type. We offer two: in-depth and snapshot. With in-depth, an employee is rated on how effectively they perform the behaviours from the proficiency level required for each competency on a job. This provides a detailed assessment of the employee’s skills. Snapshot assessments provide more of an overview; the whole competency is presented and participants select the level the employee is performing at.

  • To get started, navigate to Manage Assessments under Assessments in the main menu.
  • Click Create and select Assessment.
  • Select a job description to associate to the assessment.
  • Customize the name and description.

For in-depth, there are two formatting options:

  • Grouped, where all questions related to one competency appear on a page.
  • And ungrouped, where five questions appear per page regardless of the associated competency.

Decide whether to display the Rating Scale Review page at the start of the assessment. Select optional documents as the introduction and conclusion for the on-screen assessment and the PDF report. Decide who will be able to access the report once the assessment is complete. We recommend Manager and Creator or Creator Only so you or the subject’s manager can review results before sending them to the subject.

Click Add Questions to open a new window. Questions linked to competencies on the job are suggested. Click Save to add the selected questions to the assessment. We recommend selecting the Effectiveness Scale and setting the target to Fully Effective. You can also choose a comment box option.

On the Edit Assessment page that opens, change the status to Enabled and click Save. This locks the assessment to prevent further editing and makes the assessment available to dispatch.

It’s a similar process to create a snapshot assessment, but with fewer steps because the response options are the competency proficiency levels. The proficiency level required on the job is set as the target.

Once you’ve created and enabled assessments, they’re ready to dispatch. We offer four types of dispatches:

  • Self assessment;
  • manager-only;
  • 180, where an employee and their manager both assess the employee;
  • and 360, where a group that can include managers, peers, reports, and other participants all assess the employee.

Navigate to Dispatches under Assessments in the main menu and click Create. You’ll see two options. Select Quick Dispatch if you want to send multiple assessments in one dispatch. Note that 360 is not available for Quick Dispatch.

Select the employees you want to assess. Make sure you’re selecting users who are in positions associated to jobs that have associated assessments so CompetencyCore knows which assessments to send out.

Decide how to share the results of this assessment. Choose Control release to decide yourself if and when the subject’s profile is updated with the results. Choose Publish immediately to update the subject’s profile as soon as all of the participants have completed the assessment.

Next, schedule the dispatch, and set an optional due date. You can also set up automatic reminders. And that’s it! You’ll receive an email once all of the participants have completed the assessment. If you chose a controlled release, click Share Results to update the subject’s profile. Then download the report to review the assessment ratings. These detailed results will help you to guide employee learning and development based on clearly identified strengths and areas for improvement.