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How-to video: Create interview guides

Watch a tutorial on creating and exporting interview guides


We know your recruiting team does a lot of work evaluating candidates throughout the application process. In the interview process, we want to make sure Hiring managers are confident in the questions they’re asking, and candidates are left with a positive impression of your organization. In this video, we’ll show you how to create an interview guide based on any job description that your Hiring managers can print out for each interview they conduct. 

  • To get started, navigate to Jobs under Content in the main menu.
  • Open a published job description and click the Guides tab. Then click Create.
  • You can customize the title and add a description.
  • HRSG’s default introduction and conclusion outline the best practices for conducting a behavioural interview.
  • Then select the Interview Guide Rating Scale.

When conducting interviews, we want to identify candidates who demonstrate the behaviours that define the competencies on their job description at the required proficiency level. Interview guides make this easy because you can choose from HRSG’s competency-based questions. Click Next to open a window listing competencies on the job and their corresponding questions. These behavioural questions ask for examples of a candidate’s past experiences that relate to the required competencies.

Highlight unused questions to see which ones you’ve used on other guides based on this job to make sure each guide is unique. Select the questions you want to include and click Save. Your interview guide is created and opens in Edit mode where you can reorder and customize questions so they’re ready to use in an interview.

Change the status to Shared and click Save to make the interview guide available for your colleagues to download.

The PDF includes competency details so the interviewers can review the competency and behavioural indicators before the interview. Questions might include additional information to help the interviewers and probes to elicit a more complete response from the candidate. Each question is listed on its own page so there’s plenty of room for taking notes. There’s also a space to rate the candidate on each competency. You can refer to the Rating Scale Detail page at the end of the guide for more information. We recommend that interviewers meet to discuss notes and compare ratings. Then they can enter the group ratings on the final page of the guide.

Asking the same set of questions in each interview makes it easier to evaluate which candidate is most capable of performing the job. With CompetencyCore interview guides, you’re well equipped to make the best hiring decisions for your organization.