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How-to video: Create a competency profiling survey

Watch a tutorial on sending out a survey to collect input from employees when selecting competencies


Core competencies identify the key values and strengths shared by every job across departments. They define your vision, measure employee behaviour, and help to achieve the strategic goals of your organization. It’s important to involve employees in the selection process so everyone feels part of your company’s mission. In this video, we’ll show you how to automate this process by sending a survey to collect input on a shortlist of competencies. 

To get started, navigate to Libraries under Content in the main menu. Click the 3-dot icon on the top right of the page, and select Competency Profiler. Then click Create to set up a new survey. Give your survey a name, and add an invitation message to include in the email sent to participants. You can also add an introduction participants will see when they first access the survey. This communication helps employees understand how their input will be used.

On the next page, select Core in the survey type drop-down. You’ll also see options for job-family and job-specific surveys. We’re just focussing on core competencies in this video, but for more information on these other types, reach out to your Customer Success Manager at HRSG.

Specify the minimum and maximum number of competencies participants can choose to help narrow down the selection. You can also choose to make comments mandatory for more detailed feedback. And now you’re ready to add a shortlist of competencies. For this example, we’ve added twelve potential competencies participants can choose from.

Next, add participants to your survey. Designate one person to review everyone’s input, or choose to make yourself the reviewer. The remaining participants are referred to as contributors.

The final step is to schedule the survey. You can set a start date, or select Dispatch now. We recommend using the Basic dispatch mode. Set a due date, and click Dispatch. In around 15 minutes, employees should receive an email with a link to complete the survey.

Now let’s take a look at how the survey works from the contributor’s point of view. Like most survey tools, employees can make selections and leave comments. The advantage of our Competency Profiler is that contributors have direct access to the full competencies within the survey, which helps them to make really informed decisions.

Back on the reviewer’s side, you can see that we’ve received submissions from each contributor, so we’re ready to close the survey. Click the Validate Survey button and review the survey responses. You can check the frequency of each competency to see which ones were most popular among contributors. Don’t forget to click View Detailed Results to read comments.

Once the final selections are made, leave your own comments and click Submit. You can email a PDF of the survey results to yourself and to contributors. The next step is to update jobs. Simply click Exit and Publish to automatically add the selected competency to each job description in your CompetencyCore site. Going forward, newly created jobs will also include these core competencies by default.

And that’s it! CompetencyCore makes it easy to document your competency profiling process and to involve employees so everyone in your organization feels invested in a vision for the future that they’ve helped to define.