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How-to video: Build job descriptions

Watch a tutorial on creating and publishing a job description


CompetencyCore lets you configure job descriptions to include the exact information your organization wants and needs. And HR can do it all by themselves. In this video, we’ll show you how to build a job description from start to finish. 

  • To get started, navigate to Jobs under Content in the main menu.
  • Click Create and select Job. Then enter a job title.

CompetencyCore suggests jobs that match the title you’ve entered. If you don’t see this option, contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more. You can preview each one to see which is the best match, and deselect any types of content you’re not interested in including. Select or create a new group to store this job, and then click Create Job.

We offer a lot of high-quality default content that makes job creation quick and easy. But here we’ll focus on how to add your own items and make customizations so you’re familiar with all the job-building features available to you and how to use them.

Click the search or folder icon to browse libraries and add those items to your job. For non-competencies, we also have a couple shortcuts. You can use the pound key to quickly search libraries while you’re typing, or click the plus icon and type in or paste a list of brand new requirements. Each item on a separate line is treated as a separate item that will be saved in your library for easy reuse on other jobs.

These requirements we’ve added could use some more description. Descriptive text is text that we don’t want saved as part of a library item; it’s just plain text to add around the item so our job description is more informative. For example, here we can add “Needs to have knowledge of…”. The underlined text indicates what has been identified as an item by our AI, but you can also make manual adjustments. Next, select a scale level in the item’s properties. And any items you’ve added on the same line can be marked as equivalent to each other.

Keep in mind that responsibilities, working conditions, and additional information work a little differently. These types of items don’t include descriptive text or scale levels. All the text entered on one line is saved as a complete item in your libraries.

You can reuse the same items on as many jobs as you’d like. If you make a change to an item that’s been added to other jobs, choose to update the item on this job only (which saves the edited item as a new item in libraries) or update all jobs where that item has been added (which updates the original item in libraries).

Click Publish once you’re ready to make a job available to end users. And that’s it! You’ve successfully built a job description. It only takes a few minutes, and the more you create, the faster this process will go as you reuse your custom content on other jobs.