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How-to video: Brand your site

Watch a tutorial on adding company information and customizing the logos and colours on your site


CompetencyCore will be an invaluable tool for your HR team – but it all starts with setting up your site to reflect your organization – and we’ve made customization easy. In this video, we’ll show you how to personalize your site with your company name, logo, and menu colours. 

  • To get started, click the gear icon on the top right of your screen.
  • Click Settings at the bottom of the list in the Administration menu.
  • Under General Settings, select Company.

Type in your company’s name in the first setting.

Then click Browse and select a file to upload for the logo that will be displayed in the top left corner. Make sure the image has a transparent background if you plan to change the background colour in the next setting.

You can choose your own custom colours or click Reset to use our recommended dark background and contrasting white text for navigation that stands out.

If you want to redirect users to another website after they log out of CompetencyCore, you can enter that here in the Logout URL setting.

Paste the URL of your company’s website in the Company logo URL setting. The link in this setting is that will open when users click the logo you’ve uploaded.

Turn on the next setting to open the logo URL in a new tab so users don’t lose their spot in CompetencyCore. If you leave the URL setting blank, clicking the logo will redirect users to your CompetencyCore site’s homepage. In this case, it makes more sense to leave the new tab setting turned off.

Upload a report logo to display on the cover page of the files you export to PDF and Word, like interview guides or assessment reports. Make sure the image has a white background if you plan to export to Word. You can also choose to include this logo on your exported job descriptions and decide where it should be placed.

Enter the name and email address of the Site Administrator. This is the employee in your organization who’s responsible for your CompetencyCore site.

Don’t forget to save your changes. Once saved, check the Privacy Statement to see the contact info you entered for the site administrator. All users will have access to this statement. Then click your company’s logo to open your website or CompetencyCore site’s homepage. Now that your site reflects your brand, you’re ready to start granting user access and building out customized job description content.