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How-to video: Add warehouse content

Watch a tutorial of Content Warehouse to learn how to add HRSG job descriptions and competencies directly to your site


Building detailed and accurate job descriptions is time consuming, especially if you’re starting from scratch. To get you up and running quickly, we offer default jobs that you can add to your CompetencyCore site yourself at any time. In this video, we’ll show you how to access our Warehouse and deliver content.

To get started, navigate to Jobs under Content in the main menu. On the top right of the page, click Warehouse. The Content Warehouse opens in a new tab where you’ll see a list of job descriptions. Use the filters to browse different groups or search for a specific job you’re interested in. For more detail, click a job title to preview the summary.

A check mark indicates that the job has already been added to your site. You can add the same job more than once; this doesn’t affect the original job you added, it just creates a new copy of the job on your site. You’ll also notice a star beside some jobs. These are premium jobs that include competencies in addition to the responsibilities, knowledge, and education included on all jobs.

Before adding content, click the gear icon on the top right of the page to open the Warehouse Settings. Here you can decide on the types of job description content, and whether you want to include interview questions and learning resources associated to the competencies on selected jobs. Don’t worry about duplicates - if associated library items, questions, or resources already exist in your site, they won’t be delivered again. You can also associate HRSG job levels if you’re not already using a hierarchy specific to your organization.

Now we’ll choose the jobs we want to add. You can add one job a time, or add in bulk. If you select just one, the job will be added to your site right away. If you select more than one, you’ll need to wait up to an hour. You’ll receive an email notification once all the content has been delivered. For this example we’ll select one job, click Add, and confirm our selection. The job description appears on our site as a draft.

You also have the option of adding library content on its own without being mapped to a specific job description. Select a library type on the left side of the page to browse our Libraries, and repeat the same steps we used for adding jobs.

And that’s it! Our Content Warehouse gives you the ability to quickly add content that you can easily customize. We want to make sure that when building job descriptions, you always have access to high-quality default content whenever you need it.