How is bench strength calculated?

Learn how CompetencyCore calculates bench strength to indicate how easily a role can be filled internally

The “bench” is a list of users who match a job’s requirements at or above the minimum match percentage. Bench strength is a calculation that indicates how easily a role can be filled internally. We compare job requirements and user profiles of non-incumbents to calculate the bench strength for each job. Higher numbers indicate a stronger bench. Bench strength is recalculated daily. 

Bench strength = Sum of the likelihood of bench employees filling a job / # of associated positions

For example: A job is associated to two positions and there are five employees on the bench:

  • Employee 1 matches five jobs at a value equal to or greater than x*.
  • Employee 2 matches three jobs.
  • Employee 3 matches two jobs.
  • Employee 4 matches one job.
  • Employee 5 matches three jobs.

The value of x is a minimum match % defined in settings. The number of job matches for each employee includes jobs from levels equal to or greater than their current role.

Step 1: To calculate the sum of the likelihood of bench employees filling a job, divide the number of jobs each employee matches to into 1 and add these values together:

1/5 + 1/3 + 1/2 + 1/1 + 1/3 = 2.36666666667

Step 2: Divide the sum calculated in step 1 by the number of positions associated to the job:

Result: The bench strength is 1.18