How do I create a card sort exercise?

Learn how to print competencies formatted for a focus group

A card sort exercise helps you gather input from a group when you’re choosing core, job family, or job specific competencies. 

Step 1: Export competency cards

To prepare a card sort exercise, print out competency cards on your site. These cards have the name an definition of each competency that your focus group plans to review.

  1. Navigate to Content > Libraries.
  2. Click the 3-dot icon on the top right of the page.
  3. Select Export in the dropdown.
  4. Select the library you want to export.
  5. Select Entire Library or Custom Selectionas the type.
  6. Select Card Sort as the range and PDF as the format.
  7. Click Download or Custom Selection.
  8. For Custom Selection, click Next, select competencies, and click Download.

Step 2: Export the complete library

When you run your focus group, it’s a good idea to also have the complete Competencies library on hand. The card sort contributes to big picture discussion, but the extra detail in the library clarifies definitions and helps you to choose between closely related competencies. To export the complete library, follow the steps above, but select Full Details instead of Card Sort as the range in step 6.