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How-to video: Complete your profile

Watch a tutorial on adding competencies and other qualifications to your profile so you can see job matches


The starting point for every CompetencyCore user is your personal profile. In this video, we’ll show you how to add competencies and other qualifications to your profile, review your strengths and gaps, and explore job matches in your organization.

To get started, navigate to Profile in the main menu. You should see your job description or the option to add a role in the drop-down menu just beside your profile picture. We’ve made the process of completing your profile as quick as possible. You can start off with a strength check to assess yourself against the requirements of your current role. Check out our strength check video to learn more. Or, you can click Quick Add to add all of your current role requirements. For some of them, you might need to request validation from your manager. All of these strengths are then displayed in tiles that are easy to scan. Click a strength to see more details and available actions.

Taking strength checks and completing competency goals automatically updates your profile with your achievements. You can also browse to find extra qualifications. Keep in mind that HR and your manager can access your profile. They can see all items you’ve added except those that you’ve archived. Archived strengths won’t be included in job matching and no one but you can see them.

The strengths on your profile are used to calculate how well you match jobs in the organization. Click View Matches to access a complete list. You can even star jobs you’re interested in to save them in the side panel.

Clicking a job opens a side-by-side comparison of your profile and the job requirements to get a clear idea of your strengths and the gaps to fill. Click to review behavioural indicators for each level, take a strength check, or create a goal based on a job directly from this page.

Specifying proficiency levels provides more detailed and accurate matches than simply comparing a list of skills. And these match percentages will guide you with accurate data as you start to build a career path.