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How-to video: Validate job descriptions

Watch a tutorial on our job validation tool that allows you to collaboratively edit job descriptions


Our Job Validation Survey tool makes it easy to collect input from employees when you’re building, customizing, or updating job descriptions. In this video, we’ll show you how to send a job for validation, review feedback, and publish the results. 

To get started, navigate to Jobs under Content in the main menu. You can go to the Validations page to send out jobs in bulk or you can just find a job description that’s ready for review, click the 3-dot icon, and select Validate.

A new window opens with a list of settings. Optionally choose a due date, and then decide:

  • whether comments should be mandatory when a participant disagrees with a requirement,
  • whether participants need to agree or disagree with all items,
  • and whether participants can suggest new items from your CompetencyCore libraries.

The next step is to add participants. Employees in this job and their managers are suggested, but you can involve any users across the organization. Finally, decide who will be the reviewer. The rest of the participants will be referred to as “contributors”. Then click Send to notify the contributors that they’ve been invited to provide feedback on this job description.

The job description can’t be edited while it’s in survey mode. If you open the survey, you can see who has submitted the survey and who’s left to complete, as well as send reminders. As responses come in, the reviewer can see detailed feedback from contributors. Once everyone has submitted, close the survey to start your review.

It’s up to you as the reviewer to decide which changes and suggestions to incorporate. Select Approve beside the items you want to include on the published job. You can edit the job summary and requirements based on participant feedback, as well as create new items.

Once you’re happy with these revisions, publish the survey to update the job description. And that’s it! Job Validation Surveys take the job out of job descriptions by making it easy to collaboratively edit high quality jobs, so they reflect the unique requirements of your organization.