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How-to video: Understand version control

Watch a tutorial on the publishing workflow and learn how to access previous versions of a job description


Viewing current and historical job descriptions can be a challenge for HR and Hiring Managers. In this video, we’ll show you how CompetencyCore streamlines job creation and documents every version of a job description so you and your team can make updates with confidence. 

All job descriptions start out as drafts. Drafts are only visible to users with permission to Manage Jobs. Publish a draft to make the job available to your employees who have permission to View Jobs.

Editing a published job creates a draft copy, so you can work on updates privately. Easily switch between the published and draft copy versions in the drop-down at the top of the page. Changes made to a draft are live-saved, but the published version remains untouched.

All the changes you make to a job are documented. Each time you publish a draft copy, the previous version is saved in the job’s history. While we don’t offer version control for library items, the job history does display library items as they appeared when that version of the job was published, so you can see how a competency or other items on the job have been edited over time.

Only draft jobs can be permanently deleted. Published jobs cannot be un-published, but you can archive jobs that are no longer in use. Don’t worry about losing content, because archived jobs can always be restored.

And that’s it! With these workflows, we’ve built in decisions so you can focus on building jobs that engage employees and inform their career planning.