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How-to video: Explore career ladders

Watch a tutorial of career ladders that allow you to see how the jobs in your organization fit together


Career Ladders provides HR with a top-down view of Career Paths. In this video, we’ll show you how to use Career Ladders to explore potential career paths for employees in your organization. 

To get started, navigate to Career Ladders under Organization in the main menu. Click the tile and select a high-level job in the organization. Instead of progressing from a current role to a target, Career Ladders starts with a target and displays all of the paths leading to that job. Explore these paths to see how the jobs in your organization fit together. Jobs are ordered by similarity to the previously selected job. You can also use the filter to see a career ladder specific to one department.

Access job data in the side panel. You’ll see a list of similar jobs and links to view insights and the job description. All of the job requirements are listed in this window for a quick reference.

Career Ladders provides insight into how employees might map their career development as well as a better understanding of the job hierarchy in your organization.