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Customize your dashboard

Learn how to add and arrange widgets on the dashboard

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The dashboard is the first thing you’ll see once you’re logged in. The dashboard is set up by your administrator, but you might have the option to add and rearrange widgets such as the Weather, My Tasks, Recently Viewed Jobs, and a Blog or Twitter feed. Use it to see information about your site at a glance and to keep track of tasks.

Adding your current role

In your CompetencyCore account, navigate to Home to access the dashboard. The first step is to make sure your job shows up beside your profile picture. This helps CompetencyCore populate widgets like Job Matches. If it’s not already set up, click the Add Role link beside your profile picture. Search for and add your job description.

Adding widgets

Depending on how much flexibility your administrator allows, you can make customizations. These customizations only affect your own dashboard.

  • To add a widget, click Options and select a widget in the drop-down.
  • To resize a widget, click the bottom right corner and drag it.
  • To move a widget, click the header area and drag it.
  • To remove a widget, point to the header area, click the 3-dot icon, and select Remove or click Options and deselect the widget in the drop-down.


Your administrator can update your dashboard. They can also reset it so all of your customizations are lost. You’ll see a message on the dashboard if this happens.

Assessment Completion

If your site has the Assessment module and you have access to reports, use this widget to pin an assessment report you’ve saved to your dashboard. You can add more than one report.

The Assessment Completion widget

Broadcast Message

See updates, reminders, or announcements from HR administrators in your organization.

The Broadcast Messages widget

Career Path

See your current role, next step, and target. Click a job title to view a detailed comparison of your profile qualifications and the job requirements.

The Career Path widget

Job Count

See a count of the total draft and published jobs on your site.

The Job Count widget

Job Matches

As you complete your profile, your qualifications are matched to jobs. The top five job matches appear in this widget. Click the expand icon to see the percentage match of each library type.

The Job Matches widget

My Tasks

See a count each type of open task left to complete so you never miss a due date. You’ll also see a count of upcoming and overdue tasks. Click a task to open the full list pre-filtered to tasks of that type.

The My Tasks widget

Recently Viewed Jobs

See the top 10 latest job descriptions you’ve viewed.

The Recently Viewed Jobs widget

RSS Feed

See the 35 most recent posts from a blog.

The RSS Feed widget

Top Competencies

See the top 10 competencies most frequently added to jobs.

The Top Competencies widget


See the 20 most recent tweets from Twitter accounts specified by an administrator.

The Twitter widget


Get the weather forecast. To set up this widget, enter the name of a city, select a country in the drop-down, and choose Metric (°C) or Imperial (°F) units.

The Weather widget