Quick start for competency profiler

Learn how to send out a survey to collect input from employees when selecting competencies

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The Competency Profiler collects input from employees when selecting competencies. Once complete, you can automatically update jobs with the survey results. Using the survey tool is also a great way to document your competency profiling process. Add comment boxes to capture the rationale behind competency selections, create on-screen instructions and email invitations to send to participants, and set a due date for survey submissions. 

How competency profile surveys work

  • Create: An administrator creates a shortlist of competencies (the survey).
  • Dispatch: The survey is sent to users. One is the reviewer and the others are contributors.
  • Submit: The contributors submit their responses to the reviewer.
  • Validate: The reviewer makes a final selection to validate the survey.
  • Publish: The administrator publishes the results to update jobs with selected competencies.

Creating and dispatching a competency profile survey

  1. Navigate to Content > Libraries and select Competencies in the drop-down.
  2. Click the 3-dot icon on the top right of the page.
  3. Select Competency Profiler in the drop-down.
  4. Click Create on the top right of the page.
  5. Enter a name and invitation message which are included in the email sent to participants.
  6. Enter an introduction that appears when participants first open the survey. Click Next.
  7. Select CoreJob Family, or Job Specific in the Survey Type drop-down.
  8. Enter the minimum and maximum number of competencies participants can select.
  9. Select whether to pre-populate the survey with previously published competencies.
  10. Select whether to make comments mandatory.
  11. For job specific surveys, select whether to include proficiency levels and click Next.
  12. Click Add Competencies. Select competencies, close the window, and click Next.
  13. Click Add Participants. Select users to participate, close the window, and click Next.
  14. Select the participant who will be the reviewer or select Make me the reviewer. Click Next.
  15. Select Dispatch now or select a start date.
  16. Select the Basic dispatch mode.
  17. Select a due date for contributors.
  18. Click Dispatch to email a survey link to participants.

Note: If you selected Dispatch now, they’ll receive the email within 15 minutes. If you selected a start date, they’ll receive an email on that date.