Can I make changes to a dispatched assessment?

Understand what changes require deleting results and unlocking the assessment

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Adding and removing participants

You can add participants to the assessment, but these new participants can’t be made a subject. You can remove participants (except the subject) who haven’t already started the assessment. If it’s completed, you can reopen the assessment to add new participants.

Deleting results and unlocking the assessment

You cannot make changes to the assessment itself unless you “Delete Results and Unlock”. This action deletes the dispatch, every instance of it having been performed, and all associated results and reports. This means that participants who have already started or submitted the assessment will lose their work and you’ll need to re-dispatch. Here’s a list of all decisions made on the assessment that can’t be changed without deleting results:

  • Assessment name and description
  • Mode (In-depth or Snapshot)*
  • Associated job
  • In-depth assessment questions
  • Mandatory or N/A responses

Caution: Even after unlocking, the mode can’t be changed if it’s set to Snapshot. You can switch from In-depth to Snapshot, but not from Snapshot to In-depth.

Changing associated content and settings

The following content and settings are also set on the assessment, but they’re managed in Administration, so changes made will be applied to dispatched assessments.

  • Intro and conclusion: Different content documents can’t be selected. But you can edit the selected documents; those changes are applied to the on-screen assessment and report.
  • Competencies: For in-depth assessments, editing a notion or behavioural indicator does not update the question text, even if that question is copied from a competency. But for snapshot assessments, changes made to competencies are reflected on the assessment.
  • Scale and target: This only applies to in-depth assessments. The selection can’t be changed, but changes made to the level names are applied to the response options on assessment questions and to the Rating Scale Review page.
  • Permission to view report: To share the report with participants you didn’t include in this setting, you can download the PDF and email the report directly to those participants.
  • Site-wide assessment settings: Changes made to these settings are applied to an assessment even after it’s been dispatched.