Browse learning resources

Learn how to browse your organization’s training material, courses, and other learning resources to support development tasks for specific competencies and proficiency levels

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Accessing learning resources

You can access learning resources from up to three areas in CompetencyCore: 

Learning Resources: In your CompetencyCore account, navigate to Learning Resources. Resources are suggested based on the competencies required for your job. If you don’t have a current role, suggestions are based on core competencies in your organization. They’re grouped by type such as books, online courses, etc. You’ll see up to three suggestions for each type, but you can adjust the number of rows displayed at the bottom of each table to view more. You can also follow the steps below to search for a specific resource.

Profile: Navigate to Profile > My Profile. Click a competency name on your profile to open more details. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a link to visit our Learning Resources page. Click the link to open a list of suggested resources associated to that competency so you can work toward the next level.

Goals: If you or your manager has set goals in CompetencyCore, you can link learning resources. Navigate to Goals, expand a goal, and select one of your competency challenges. Click Resources on a task to open a list of resources associated to that competency. You can add a resource to your list of activities to help you achieve your goal. 

Searching for learning resources

  1. Navigate to Learning Resources.
  2. Select a tab before entering your search term.
  • By resource: Displays resources that include the keywords you enter.
  • By competency: Displays resources associated to the competency you select.
  • By job: Displays resources associated to the competencies required on the job you select.
  1. Click the Show filters button and select the resource types to include.
  2. If there are multiple languages installed, select a language. Click Apply.
  3. When searching by competency, you might be able to filter the results by proficiency level. Type in the name of a competency and select an option in the drop-down. You’ll see a new Competency Levels filter appear. Select a level to narrow your search.
  4. Click the link icon if available to open a learning resource.

Bookmarking learning resources

  1. Navigate to Learning Resources.
  2. Browse suggested resources or follow the steps above to search.
  3. Click the bookmark icon to save a learning resource.
  4. Click the My Bookmarks link to open a list of all your bookmarked resources.
  5. Deselect the bookmark icon to remove a resource from your Bookmarks.