Create a development plan

Add custom or competency-based goals to a development plan to address gaps in your profile

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Creating plans 

Creating a plan from an assessment

Plans are made up of goals that are often related to competencies so you can improve your performance. You might have identified competency gaps while performing an assessment. Follow the steps below to base your plan on a completed assessment.

  1. Navigate to Assessments > My Assessments.
  2. Expand Assessments where I am the subject.
  3. Point to a completed assessment and click the 3-dot icon.
  4. Select Create Development Plan.
  5. Customize the plan name and due date and click Next.
  6. You’ll see a list of competencies that were rated below target on your assessment. Each one can be added to your plan as a goal to complete. The target level is pre-selected with the level required for your current role. Click the x to remove a competency goal.
  7. Add an optional due date to each goal and click Done.
  8. Click View Plan or Finish to return to it later.

Creating a blank plan

  1. Navigate to Development > Plans.
  2. Click Create Plan on the top right of the page.
  3. Enter a plan name. Plans often use the name of the job they’re being created for.
  4. Set an overall due date for the plan.
  5. Start typing the name of a job and select one that appears in the drop-down.
  6. Click Next to continue creating your plan or Save and Close to return to it later.

Viewing plans and goals

In your CompetencyCore account, navigate to Development > Plans. You’ll see a table listing your current plans. A count of plans due within three days or plans that are overdue appears on the top right of the page. If you’re looking for plans where you’re assigned as a manager, select Manager in the Assigned as filter.

If you have a plan where you’re the subject, you’ll also see a My Goals tab. Just like with plans, you can see upcoming and overdue goals. You can filter by in-progress and completed goals.

From these pages, you can click the 3-dot icon to add quick comments. To view a plan or goal in more detail, just click the plan or goal name.

Adding new goals to a plan

Click Add New and select a goal option. The options available depend on the plan type.

  • Competency Goal: Suggestions are based on the competencies required on the job.
  • Custom Goal: Enter a goal name. Click Save and Continue to fill in custom fields.
  • Goals from Assessments/Plans: Add competency gaps and incomplete goals.

Once you’ve added a goal to your plan, you’ll see it listed with the target level and due date. Click the goal name to open the Goal Details page. From this page, you can view the competency details, browse learning resources to attach to the goal, upload attachments, and make comments.

Managing plans and goals

Editing plans and goals

Open a plan and click the pencil icon on the top right of the page to make changes to the plan name, description, or due date and click Done. Open a goal and click the pencil icon on the top right of the page to make changes to the goal’s due date or target level. Then click Done.

Involving my manager

Click the external link icon below the Participants heading. Expand Eligible Managers, select your manager, and click Done. Keep in mind that once you add a manager to your plan, the following actions are no longer available to you and are instead in the control of your manager:

  • Marking goals as complete.
  • Closing the plan.
  • Deleting the plan or goals on the plan.
  • Editing the plan name, description, or due date.

Note: You and your manager will receive notifications as you make updates to the plan. Check out the Manage your settings article to learn more.

Adding comments

When you make a comment, choose whether to share with your manager or keep it private. Private comments are only visible to you. Your manager won’t see private comments onscreen or in the exported plan, even after the plan is closed. You can edit or delete shared and private comments after saving, but depending on how your administrator has set up your CompetencyCore site, comments might only be available to edit or delete for one hour after creating.

Marking goals as complete

Once complete, click the Mark goal complete link on the top right of the Goal Details page. Marking a competency goal as complete adds that competency to your profile. If validation is required, you’ll be prompted to request validation from your manager. If you’ve involved your manager, they’re the only one who can mark goals as complete. In this case, validation isn’t required as an extra step.

Caution: Once a goal is marked as complete, it cannot be reopened.

Closing a plan

When you’ve finished working on a plan, click Close. If you’ve involved your manager, they’re the only one who can close the plan. They’ll always have the option to reopen a closed plan.

Exporting a plan

You and your manager can export a PDF version of a plan. This PDF lists the goals along with any public comments and associated learning resources. The final page provides a spot for you and your manager to sign and date the report to acknowledge you’ve read and discussed the results.